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Too Much Is Not Enough:
The History in Harriett's Closet

By Kristina Tollefson and Jodi Ozimek

Paperback:  550 pages

Publisher:  Florida Historical Society Press


Glimpse into the life—and legendary closet—of Orlando fashion icon and philanthropist Harriett Lake (1922-2018).  Through personal and vintage photos, lush photography of her clothes, and quotes from the grand dame herself, you will be awed by the magnitude of her wardrobe and magnanimity of this exceptional woman. This unique fashion biography begins with Harriett’s childhood during the Great Depression, follows her service as a Marine during WWII, her flight from heartbreak to Miami Beach and subsequent marriage, and their accumulation of wealth (and swelling closet full of jaw-dropping fashion) thanks to the Disney World triggered 1960s real estate boom and the community defining land deals of her developer husband.


Stunningly illustrated with over 800 impeccable photographs illustrating her 96 year life and highlighting over 200 of her favorite and most popular looks, the authors explain the connections between Harriett’s life experiences and her fashion choices. Find out why she has so many red coats, why capes are one of her favorite looks, and what fills her pockets.  Harriett herself oversaw the photo-shoots and expertly styled every look so that each one is quintessential Harriett.

Get the Job in the Entertainment Industry:
A Practical Guide for Designers, Technicians, and Stage Managers

By Kristina Tollefson

Paperback/Hard Cover/Ebook:  279 pages

Publisher:  Bloomsbury/Methuen Drama

Looking for a job in the theatre and entertainment industry can be daunting, especially when you are newly entering the work market. How do you take the skills and experience acquired through study and present them to prospective employers in the arts industry? Where does your search begin and what should you consider as you plan your future career steps? What is expected in a portfolio and what should you expect in an interview?

This book provides straightforward strategies and practical exercises to turn anxiety into excitement and help you develop the job search skills and materials that will empower you to go after the job you want, and get it.

Contributed Chapter to:
Late & Great: American Designers 1960-2010

Edited By: Bobbi Owen

Chapter on Bernard Johnson by Kristina Tollefson

Paperback:  272 pages

Publisher:  The United States Institute for Theatre Technology, Inc.


Part of a series of monographs published by the United States Institute for Theatre Technology (USITT), this book records the great heritage of designers in the United States. 

Contributed Chapter to:
Assessing Student Learning in General Education

Edited By: Marilee J. Bresciani

Chapter 12:  University of Central Florida: General Education Case Study by Kristina Tollefson and Martha Marinara

Paperback:  280 pages

Publisher:  Jossey-Bass


Thirteen good practice institutions outline their assessment strategies and illustrate self-reflection that contributes to improved integration of and quality in student learning and development within general education. 

"The History in Harriett Lake's Closet"
Theatre Design & Technology Journal - Fall 2009
By Kristina Tollefson, Jodi Ozimek and Martha Marinara
An American Philantrhropist has amassed a treasure-trove of fashion, including over 4,500 hanging items along with over 1,600 hard and 450 pairs of shoes.
"Wigs as Hats"
Theatre Design & Technology Journal - Winter 2005
In a show that required all the actors wear wigs, the costume designer knew it was important to find a way to make maintenance manageable while looking good and being comfortable for the performers.
Projects for Teaching Costume Design & Technology - Vol. 2
Six entries by Kristina Tollefson selected by the jury:
 - "What is a Nine Letter Word for Learning?"
 - "Autonomous Training for Cutter/Drapers"
 - "Found Objects Color Wheel"
 - "Beyond the Brush: A Rendering Alternative"
 - "Fashion & Furniture: Form & Function"
 - "Dear Diary: A Fashionable Look at History"
For a complete list of publications please see my Curriculum Vitae
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